National Association of Federal Retirees
Peel Halton and Area Branch
Committee Volunteers:

Committee Volunteers/Members:
(Letter by Branch President to membership - May 2007 Annual Meeting)!

We need you...:

"... Every year, with notices of membership meetings held in May and October, your Board of Directors has pleaded for volunteers to help run the day to day operations of the branch. This plea has also been in every newsletter issued by the branch. So far, we have had very little success. This time we are going to try a different approach.

At the Annual General Meeting to be held on May 10, 2007, one of our Board members will be circulating a form on which will be the functions requiring volunteers. These volunteers do not necessarily have to be members of the Board of Directors, if they do not wish to be. We are looking to establish committees, chaired by a member of the board, with two volunteers on each committee, to take responsibility for certain functions, such as Finance, Membership, Events co-ordination, Communication, etc. It is important that we have more members who are knowledgeable about the day to day operations and undertakings of the branch. This will not only help bring new ideas to the table, assist in running the various activities but will also provide the needed backup should someone fall ill or require to be away for any extended periods of time.

So please, think about it, if you have a financial background, computer and communication skills and, you can spare a few hours once a month or every other month, we need you.

The Branch is also looking for two volunteers to audit the branch account once a year.

If you are interested in a position on the Board of Directors, please complete the nomination form included in this package and bring it to the meeting.

The Executive members of the board are: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Membership Chair and Membership Secretary.

Other positions on the board are:
The Editor and Webmaster, the Health Benefit Officer, the Chair of the Telecom Committee, The Chair of Recruitment and Retention, the Chair of the Resolution Committee, and directors at large..."

While this letter was distributed in preparation for a prior year's annual meeting we want you to know that this invitation is open-ended. That is we welcome volunteers at any time of the year.

Just either e-mail your information to anyone on the existing board or to the Branch president or send your particulars by regular mail. Please give us an idea of your background or the type of committee that you would like to be a member of. Click here for contact information: CONTACT US!

 prepared by webmaster, Peel Halton and area branch.