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Branch National Association of Federal Retirees MEMBERSHIP:

Contributing editor: Chair, Recruitment: John Rozenberg

Background - current status:

The Peel - Halton and Area Branch has approximately 1200 members, including spouses. Based on national average, there are about 4000 retirees in our branch, who have not yet chosen to become members. Again, if national averages hold for our branch our annual attrition rate is about 70 members and to retain a stable membership base, we have to recruit at least that many new members annually. Our pool of prospective members includes the 4000 eligible members plus about 140 members who will retire annually in our branch area.

Recruitment Strategies:

Our National office has developed a marketing and recruitment strategy with the following objectives:

  1. to nurture and retain existing membership by continuing to provide quality support and services to members,
  2. to continue to increase the membership and the membership penetration rate of the Association from within the present population that it serves (Federal Public Service, Canadian Forces, RCMP, federally appointed judges),
  3. to raise awareness of members of the target groups of the advantages of membership and the advocacy role of National Association of Federal Retirees with respect to pension and health benefits,
  4. to create a positive image of federal public service retirees in the community.

Recruitment Challenges:

Surveys have shown that there is a distinct lack of awareness of the Association and what it does by too many retirees and employees about to retire in the federal Public Service, Canadian Forces, RCMP and federal appointed judges.

We all know that advertising is very expensive and that the best promotion is by "Word of Mouth". This is where YOU can contribute to reaching the objectives, especially in support of strategies 3 and 4 listed above. Members should promote awareness of the mandate, the advocacy role and the services provided by the Association to any prospective new member they come in contact with.

What can YOU do?:

Help us bring National Association of Federal Retirees initiatives and benefits to the attention of retired, or about-to-retire friends and acquaintances. If you become aware of pre-retirement seminars at your former employerís place of business, let us know. National Association of Federal Retirees can offer to participate by sending designated speakers to answer questions and demonstrate the benefits that accrue from National Association of Federal Retirees activities.

Why become a member?:

National Association of Federal Retirees Aims to:
  1. Maintain and improve benefits under the Superannuation Acts.
  2. Oppose proposals detrimental to superannuatesí interests.
  3. Retain and enhance seniorsí benefits generally.
Specifically, when you join the National Association of Federal Retirees it is:
  1. To participate in protecting the benefits you already have, especially full indexing.
  2. To receive up-to-date information on pension, health, and other matters of concern through ON GUARD, National Association of Federal Retirees' quarterly publication.
  3. To oppose any action or proposal detrimental to federal pensioner's interests.
  4. To strengthen National Association of Federal Retirees' advocacy role (YOUR VOICE COUNTS!)
  5. To seek new or enhanced benefits.
  6. To enjoy discounts on out-of-province travel insurance, home and automobile insurance, hotel rates, and other goods and services.
  7. To improve social policies for seniors.
  8. To access individual help on matters relating to your pension, health and dental insurance and other issues facing seniors.
  9. To contribute your experience and expertise to the Association.

National Association of Federal Retirees Goals are:
  1. Safeguard existing superannuatesí benefits, e.g. full indexation.
  2. Strengthen National Association of Federal Retirees advocacy position through increased membership.
  3. Represent membersí interests as reflected in Convention resolutions.
  4. Cooperate with other seniorsí/pensionersí organizations on mutual objectives.

National Association of Federal Retirees Membership Benefits:
  1. Protect, maintain, and enhance pension, health care and dental benefits.
  2. Stay up to date on the above issues with ON GUARD, our quarterly newsletter.
  3. Receive estate planning tools and information in your "You and Your Survivors" workbook.
  4. Receive discounts on products and services:
    1. National Association of Federal Retirees MEDOC* Emergency Travel Health Insurance - includes Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption insurance.
    2. National Association of Federal Retirees group home an auto insurance.
    3. National Association of Federal Retirees Long-Term Care insurance.
    4. Preferred price on Medic Alert products.
    5. CPP/QPP benefits audit at preferred National Association of Federal Retirees prices.
    6. Travel discounts and privileges at participating Choice Hotels Canada, InterContinental Hotels Group, Delta Hotels Canada and Hertz Rent-A-Car.

Membership Recruitment and Fees/Application:

Please note that by a Resolution, passed at the National Association of Federal Retirees 2007 Convention held in August 2007 and subsequent National Board meetings annual membership dues have increased to reflect the current services being provided and to keep pace with inflation. Current rates are:

Single membership - $38.28; Double membership - $49.68;

For National Association of Federal Retirees Recruiting Pamphlets write to: Recruitment Director:

For more membership information or to become a member please visit

Member contact info.:
Members who are familiar with the Internet and who use e-mail communication regularly are asked to submit their e-mail addresses to us. Your address will only be used to send you information related to National Association of Federal Retirees, such as notices of membership meetings. This practice will help in reducing our mailing cost as well as the workload on our telephone committee volunteer members, who make calls to remind you of such upcoming events. You can send your e-mail contact information, including your membership number, to our Telecom Committee Chair at: Telecom Director:

Further information can also be obtained at the national website


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