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Health and Dental Programs

Public Service Health Care Plan - (PSHCP)

The purpose of the Public Health Care Plan (PSHCP) is to reimburse Plan participants for all or part of costs they have incurred for eligible services and products, as identified in the Plan Document, only after they have taken advantage of benefits provided by their provincial/territorial health insurance plan or other third party sources of health care expense assistance to which the participant has a legal right. Unless otherwise specified in the Plan Document, all eligible services and products must be prescribed by a physician or a dentist who is licensed, or otherwise authorised in accordance with the applicable law, to practice in the jurisdiction in which the prescription is made.

To get more information about the PSHCP, you can call Sun Life:
1 888 757 7427 (Canada)
1 613 247 5100
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Ottawa Region: 247-5100

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CF Pensioners

In Canada or Continental USA:
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Public Service Dental Plan (PSDP)

The Public Service Dental Care Plan (DCP) introduced in 1987 is available to public servants and employees of a number of separate employers. The cost of the DCP is fully paid by the employer.

The Treasury Board site, below, describes the benefits provided to you as a member of the DCP. It contains general information about membership, benefits, levels of reimbursement and limitations on benefits. It also explains how to submit a claim.


Important Information:
...The revised Pensioners' Dental Services Plan booklet that was distributed to plan members in April can be consulted online through the National Association of Federal Retirees Website's Dental Plan Web page under the "Member Booklet" heading. Please search the National website:

As of April 1 2006, the monthly contribution rates to the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan were reduced by some 20% and eligible pensioners will be able to enrol at anytime, with the abolishment of the 60-day enrolment period...

You can also read more about the Dental Services Plan at the following website:
Treasury Board (


Health Warnings and Information:

Dementia Patients warned off new drugs (reported by Toronto Star, Thursday June 16, 2005):
Health Canada has issued a public alert warning that elderly patients with dementia have a higher risk of premature death if they take olanzapine (Zyprexa), risperidone (Risperdal), quetiapine (Seroquel) and clozapine (Clozaril).

This warning comes 2 months after the US Food and Drug Administration came out with a similar caution. New studies show the death rate is 1.6 times greater for those on these drugs compared to patients taking a sugar pill.

To view the newsletter CLICK HERE!

To browse the Health Canada site for more health related information - click here or enter the following URL into your browser:


FDA Announces Guidant’s Class I Pacemaker Recall

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying health care providers and patients that Guidant Corporation is voluntarily recalling certain pacemakers. A seal within the devices can leak, allowing moisture to affect the electronic circuits. This defect can cause the pacemakers to fail to provide pacing or can cause a rapid heart rate. Other unexpected device behaviors are also possible. The problems may occur without warning and can lead to loss of consciousness, and possibly heart failure and death.

Read the FDA NOTICE here!


Public Service Health Care Plan (PHSCP)
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