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With some 1,200 members, the Branch faces a considerable work load. The Board of Directors has set up a number of standing committees, special initiatives, and ad hoc groups, to tackle Branch tasks that have to be resolved, and to perform a number of ongoing member services. This organization of responsibilities is not static, as we constantly face new challenges. All directors participate in one or several committees and groups, and we also rely on the assistance of a number of Branch members at large.

The following is the current list of special initiatives, standing committees, ad hoc committees, and support groups, as of February, 2005:



This project has as a two-fold objective. Its primary mission is the increase in the number of Retired Members in order to further strengthen the quality of information feedback on matters that concern all retired, federal public servants. Only through the participation of a large membership can our local Branch provide meaningful input to policy formulation processes undertaken by the National Association of Federal Retirees governing body and to help in directing its efforts and initiatives in a way so as to address the needs of our members.

A secondary and as yet untapped objective is the establishment of an Associate Membership program (i.e., persons still working), with the expectation that they will join the association when they retire. Only 25% to 30% of federal retirees are currently members of the association, and the penetration percentage is particularly low among the non-executive ranks. The project’s main motto is "strength in numbers".

The need to explore this initiative is obvious if one recognizes the current age structure of the public service, acknowledging the fact that a large percentage of employees is scheduled to retire within the coming years. The window of opportunity is now open and must be seized.

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Your Communications Committee has been active.

Please note the committee is always in need of additional volunteer help to call members when special events are planned. Please contact the Member Services Director - see "Contact us" in the left margin.

You can also help by asking your colleagues who are either retired or about to retire to join the National Association of Federal Retirees either through the headquarters website or through our branch site (see Branch website “Become a Member”; it includes a membership application).

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The Peel-Halton and area Branch Membership as of December 31, 2004 was about 1,200. More than XX% of our members are now paying their dues using the convenience of monthly Dues Deduction at Source (DDS), with 1/12 of their annual dues deducted from each monthly superannuation cheque.

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During 2004, the Policy and Resolutions Committee was consumed with the preparation and of the many steps required under provincial legislation regarding the incorporation of the Ottawa Branch.

Once the incorporation was achieved, the Committee’s work turned to the development of appropriate By-laws that, as a newly incorporated entity, the Ottawa Branch was required to have. By-law Number 1 was approved by the membership of the Branch at the Annual General Meeting in the spring of 2004.

Almost immediately, the Committee then turned to the requirement to develop and consider a number of technical and editorial revisions to By-law Number 1, that were suggested by members at large as well as our colleagues at the National Office. These changes are not substantive and they will be brought before the membership at the spring Annual General meeting for approval.

For the balance of 2004 and perhaps into the 2005 year, work will continue on the fine-tuning of the By-laws. Other priorities for the future include a review and consolidation of existing Branch policies and consideration of possible resolutions proposing action by the Association at the national level.
....This initiative is carried out under the purview of your Branch President and Vice president....



An Ad Hoc Committee on Organizational, Operational and Accommodation Plans for the Period 2005-2006 was established in order to examine in fuller detail the Branch's need for office space and support equipment/services.

The issues to be addressed included: accommodation, human resource requirements, organizational structures, operation procedures and governance practices and inter-relationships. The accommodation issue has been the major recent preoccupation of the Ad Hoc Committee, given the the fact that Branch directors currently maintain branch records and documents in their personal residences. Furthermore, the Branch needs to establish a static contact point (mail addresses etc.) for members. However, budgetary constraints preclude the lease of commercial facilities.
The Ad HOc committee is looking to members who have maintained contacts with their former employer Departments or Agencies to solicit same for the possible donation of suitable office space. A key supporting arguement is that the Branch activities benefit all former federal government employees and future retirees.

If you have contacted your organization and there is a good prospect for such space, please contact a board of directors member. (see the "Contact us" area in the left margin (Site Index)



Your Branch continues to address the concerns and questions posed by Members relating to the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), the Pensioners' Dental Services Plan (PDSP), OHIP and the Ontario (Seniors) Drug Benefit Plan.

With the introduction on July 1st (2004) of the Ontario Health Care Premium and the de-listing of three services - ophthalmology examinations; chiropractic procedures and physiotherapy treatments - keeping abreast of Ontario health care issues and staying up-to-date with the ever-changing Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary is a constant challenge. As always your input is invaluable.

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The Bereavement Support Group helped members who suffered the loss of their spouse and who needed advice and assistance. Additional volunteers would be welcome.

Your assistance in letting Branch directors know of cases requiring assistance or of recent bereavements would be welcome. In this way the Branch can pay tribute to past members and where appropriate provide necessary assistance.



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